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3 Tips for setting up perfect profile on a biker dating site


motorcycle travelMany single biker men and biker women are searching for love on online dating sites. And you may already know that biker girls on dating sites receive far more messages that their male counterparts. So sometimes biker men just don’t get a reply. Maybe you are not her type, maybe she doesn’t like your motorcycle, maybe she has met someone. No matter what’s the reason, there’s no need to be disappointed. Remember that not every bikers will respond. But some tips here can help biker men get responses while dating online.

First, biker guys have to realize that your message matters the most. Have a look at the three types of e-mails that biker women see more often that not.

1. The quickie ones that consist less than three words like “Hey, what’s up?”, “You are pretty” and so on. Messages like these transfer no meaning and there is nothing to respond. And it just makes single biker girls think you have sent thousands of this kind of message at one time.

2. The annals are the opposite of the three-word messages, which like someone writes a master’s piece. This kind of message can only make biker girls get bored and think you are an overzealous nut with too much time.

3. Cope and paste ones. Some biker men think out a couple of decent generic paragraphs describing who they are, then copy and paste it in every message they send. Messages that only concerned about biker men themselves can be deleted easily. It’s a dating message, not a letter of self-recommendation.

All right, let’s talk about what kind of message should biker men write. Imagine this: one day you come across the biker girl that you are interested in on the biker dating site. Then the next step for you to take is read her profile, which is important for you to write a perfect first message to her. Include something that she writes in her profile to arouse her interest.

The message biker men write should follow the rules: letting her know that you looked her profile, not just her photos, asking a couple of questions that give her chances to reply to and talking about her favorite motorcycle. Messages that followed the three rules will definitely get biker men a response on motorcycle dating site.

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