Motorcycle Dating Tips & Advice

My success story on Bikerkiss and my advices to you


biker dating storyMy Experiences:

Last month I joined BikerKiss for three months of membership. I met my him on the site after some communication by winks and emails. He winked me and I response to him, then we decided to meet for lunch a week later after some phone calls. When I first upgraded my membership on the site, I did not get my hopes up the online dating site. But it was fortunate that I received wink from John after only 3 days of improving my profile and photos. In fact, I have not initiated emails or winks since I spent much time on telling other more about me by adding more information and photos. It cannot be denied that I am a lucky girl. Hope you all have a good luck, too. LoL...

My Advice to other Users:

Don't give up and believe your special one is waiting for you on some dating site. You can't meet anyone with the same lifestyle as yours unless you find the right place where collect lots of members. As a biker single, you can meet your rider love in some events, bike rallies, bars or clubs. But if you are busy in working, online biker dating site is a good choice. You can not get response from others you like unless you write more information about you and add some photos. One quality photo with your profile is worth a thousand words. Adding some clear photos and waiting for love letter from others is my way on BikerKiss. It would be worthwhile.

My Advice to the Site Owner:

Too many user's activities show up on my panel page. For example, it shows the photo list of users who have viewed my profiles, and who have liked my photos. But there is not any way for users to remove some people. Each time, I need to browse user photos one by one including those who I have checked before. I suggest the website add a button to allow its users to remove, hide or block someone there.