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My Romantic story on Harley dating site


I met two biker girls on the online Harley dating community and and biker dating website I am not sure which one is my perfect choice. Maybe you can help me rank out which one is better in your eyes.

The girl I met on BikerPlanet:

It all started when Jessie was a little girl about 7 years old. Her father got her to his dirt bike and allowed her to sit in front of him, that was the first time that Jessie felt that she love to ride. She remembered her father rode slowly in case she would fall down. But she can felt the wind passing through her face and her hair, which was so fantastic experience that she love the feeling on motorcycle after then. Her dad was a motorcycle lover and he was happy when Jessie told him her love for riding. After Jessie grown up, she convinced him to teach her how to ride and soon she got her motorcycle license. Then her father bought her the first bike and she was so excited about it.

After that, Jessie often rode along with her father on the street and met a lot of biker friends. She think I am also a motorcyclist and always ask me to show her the skills she had never heard and then I help her master it. We both agreed that we would allow our children to learn to ride if they are interested in bikes. I am lucky to have companies to ride with Jessie, maybe my kids in the future. Jessie's dream is simple, just the same as other bikers, that is to ride for the rest of her life.

The babe I met on

Monica always like motorcycles and the challenge of gaining control of a powerful machine made her crazy. At first, she didn’t have one, because she though she can’t handle it, so she always waited for some guy friend or boyfriend to come along and get her to a ride on a bike. Monica dreamed about riding a bike on her own again and again. Finally she got a chance to ride.

At the moment she got on the bike, she knew that she can totally master it and she need one of my own. So she bought a bike with the help of me and passed her road test to get the motorcycle driving license.

From then on, we always ride together for a road trip to visit beautiful place and meet wonderful friends. We all enjoy the freedom of the open road and the wind on our face. Monica just simply take it as a means of transportation in her daily life and it do us a huge favor. When we got the time we would ride out to enjoy the short free journey.

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