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Signs You And Your Biker Lover Are a Good Match


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You found your biker match met on a dating site for single bikers and decide to chat face to face the other day. After about four to five weeks of dating with the biker, you are wondering whether he or she is the right one for you and whether you can build a long-lasting relationship with he or she. Since you are both motorcycle riders and share common interest in motorcycling, but there are many other aspects needed to be taken into consideration. So, if you want to know if you and your biker match are a good match, just check the signs that can prove this fact below.

1. You have the same attitude towards relationship and life goals
First, you should make sure that you and your biker date share the same attitude towards your relationship. For example, if you wish to get married in the near future, then the biker you are dating have to have the same idea. Dating a biker, you should know that freedom is the priority to him or her. If your biker date just wants to have dates with different biker girls, while you want to maintain a long term relationship, then it meant to be a failure.

And when it comes to life goals, there has to be something in common. If your biker date is homeless and will stay wherever he or she rides to for a long time, while you hope to settle down in the near future, then things will not work out between you two. You’d better find another biker who shares similar life goals with you.

2. No deal-breakers between you
Everyone has their own deal beakers. Deal breakers are anything that will make you unhappy in your relationship and will disturb your own way of life. Don’t ever want to maintain a relationship with your biker date by ignoring the signs of deal breakers, which will be the foundation of future unhappiness.

3. There is physical attraction
Sex is an important part for a successful relationship. So, you should feel physically attracted by your biker date. However, it should be based on the mutual understanding and it doesn’t always happen instantly. Some will cultivate a sense of attraction after several dating with bikers, while some will immediately decide if their dates can attract them.

4. Overall, you feel easy and comfortable
A good relationship should make you feel free to be yourself. When date with a biker, you can express yourself freely and feel relaxed to be with your biker date. If you need to pretend yourself to be someone else or you cannot be the real you, then your biker date is not the right match for you.

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