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I found my love of life on BikerKiss dating site


biker girlAs one of many biker enthusiast who want to try out the online biker dating sites that have emerged overnight, I have encountered numerous difficulties due to the spam and fraud on the varies kind of free motorcycle dating sites. However, after being confused for 2 months, I was lucky enough to run into BikerKiss, where I found the my biker partner, now my wife.

I was surprised first when I learned that BikerKiss consists of more than 5,6 million users, which makes it one of the largest biker dating websites in the whole industry. Therefore, the registered biker man and biker women would have a much bigger chance to met the right motorcycle man or motorcycle women who is truly compatible with them. Within 2 days, I have gotten a list full of matches, and that’s also when I started chatted with this special motorcycle chick, Jenny. Not only were we both into Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, but we are also a big fan of chasing sunset on a Harley Davidson bike. So, of course, our very first date started with the a ride on a valley.

When it comes to a date between a Harley man and a Harley women, the most common idea is having dinner in a fancy restaurant where a drop of wine cost more than 1 dollar. But Jenny is different. She proposed to try out the new food stand which served greasy and yummy burgers and cold cokes, which, surprising, was my favorite kind of food. Dear motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, what’s better than a motorcycle ride with a month full of big mac? I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw Jenny took a huge bite of the beef burger with a drop of sauce on her cheek. She is something else. The motorcycle ladies that I have date before are nothing like Jenny, pretentious, annoying and kept talking about the luxurious purses all the time. It was also at that point when I decided that I need to get this Harley girl.

After 2 months of dating, we have taken our relationship to a brand new level. We have met all the close friends of each other, and we got alone pretty well. Yesterday, the most amazing motorcycle babe that I have met-Jenny, “casually” brought up that maybe it’s time to arrange a date with my parents, which changed everything between us.

I know that she was hinting on taking the relationship to another level, which is engagement. I was shocked, but also touched, and my eyes watered. The next day I hid a ring in a cake and make my official proposal. After hearing my story of successfully founding a Harley motorcycle rider also my love of life, numerous pf other motorcycle man and motorcycle women signed on BikerKiss in order to pursue their love. What are you still waiting for?

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