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Thanks to Biker Planet, I met my love of life


biker girlEverything started from my very first divorce. My ex-wife left me with another guy along with one of my kids, as you can imagine, I was in my lowest of my life. Unlike what all the fairy tale tells, I didn’t see the silver lining after hit the bottom of my life. Luckily, I still had my motorcycle with me. As a veteran single Harley rider with more than 13 years of experience, it was riding on the Harley Davidson bike that my life get to carry on.

And that day, which I would never forget, was the turning point where I get to meet my wife of now, my soul mate of life. A biker man and a biker women, who make a cute couple, who are also two of my best friends, told me about Biker Planet, a top 3 online dating platform for motorcycle man and motorcycle women who want to meet other singles to conduct an active social life. At first, I felt rather reluctant because at the age of 36, would online biker dating site really be my lifesaver and bring me someone who can change my life?

As suspicious as I was, I still signed up on BikerPlanet since I had no better option at that time. At first I was surprised that the famous motorcycle dating site didn’t ask me to swipe my credit card and ask an enormous amount of money from me, instead, I was provided with 1 month free trial. And on the 5th day since my registration, I met her, Jean. I matched her because as a motorcycle chick, she has intellectual appealing which gave me a strong urge to talk to her. However, I had no idea how to strike a conversation with motorcycle women at that time, thankfully, there are a group of professional relationship counselors there who specialize on relationships between motorcycle gentleman and motorcycle lady. After had a few advice, I successfully overcame my timid ness and hold a interesting conversation with this amazing biker chick.

Finally, we decided to meet in person. As you can imagine, how exciting as well as nervous I was to finally be able to meet the motorcycle chick of my dream. I met her in a cafe shop where we have talked for 2 hours straight non stop-she is such an interesting person with who I can enjoy life while riding on my four wheeled machine and talking about the masterpiece of Victor Hugo for ages!

It is literally amazing to be able to meet someone with whom I share a common ground, and the life changing experience can be all attributed to the help of BikerPlanet. On the number one free biker dating website, you can meet a huge number of male motorcycle rider and female motorcycle riders, which has greatly improved the chance of meeting a truly compatible partner.

One more thing I would like to share with all the bike lovers-I’m getting married in 2 months!

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