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biker girlAs a veteran biker lover with 10 years of motorcycle riding experience, I have always been longing to find someone who share the same passion in Harley motorcycle riding with me. After multiple attempts, I am enormously demotivated: once I typed online biker dating sites on GOOGLE, a tremendous amount of similar platforms catering to biker man and biker women who are looking for a compatible Harley motorcycle rider popped up. Those so called free motorcycle dating sites either asked me to swipe my card right away without actually help me to find a compatible motorcycle chick, or the ones filled with spams and frauds. Luckily, one of my best biker friends recommended me to try out, that’s where my story began.

As I signed up on the number one online motorcycle dating site, I’m offered with 3 month free trail without the need to pay anything. However, as a beginner who has just entered the world of online biker dating, I did encounter some problems. At the point where I am asked to create a profile, I had no idea how to make it eye catching so that I can stand out from others motorcycle man and motorcycle women. And I’m surprised when I found that there are a whole session of free motorcycle dating tips on the website which guide you step by step the essential points that you should pay attention to when it comes to a profile. Within a few minutes, I have created a great profile page thanks to the help of Harley Dating Site. Then it gets to the most exciting part: match with numerous Harley man and Harley women that appears to have a potential to conduct a relationship with me. I will never forget that I met this amazing biker lady who has immediately seized my attention. Her name is Linda and 36. Unlike all the other biker girls who are trying to show off their sexy curves as well as the seemingly perfect faces with too much beauty filter effect, she is different: with a hoody and a leather jacket, her face and body is mostly covered underneath. But the temperate that she’s been giving off while riding on a giant Harley motorcycle bike has simply tightened the grasp on me. I sent the very first message, and the conversation just went on and on, so as our emotions for each other.

Finally, I felt it’s now time to ask her out for a coffee after a week of intense exchange of messages. And the moment I saw her, I felt in love immediately, as what they say in French “un coup de foudre”. It wasn’t until then that I found that she has freckles on her bare face and brown eyelashes that had been keeping distracting me.

Now, as all the motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls might wonder what happened next--we got married.

For all the man biker and women biker who want to make a change in their life and maybe be a main character in a romantic story, it’s time to sign up on Harley Dating Site.

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