User Reviews is the right Harley site where I met her


biker girlI am so grateful that, one of the most famous online biker dating sites, has invited me to share my love stories with its 8,4 million biker man and biker women who are also looking for the compatible partner. Maybe after hearing my story with the motorcycle women, you will have a much deeper understanding about how will it work out, and how beautiful it is when the connection between the Harley man and Harley women become more profound.

As one of hundreds of thousands of single Harley riders who are seeking a like minded male Harley rider or female Harley rider with the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, I have encountered countless awkward dates, or if it is not awkward, it is boring.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I a, not saying that is doing a lousy job that makes our dating experience not great, instead, this expert online dating website catering only to biker girls and biker guys are doing a great job that it was attributed with the number one prize in the industry of free motorcycle dating. The only problem lies in me, which is I was such a timid guy who has no confidence. Therefore whenever I was talking to a biker babe face to face, I had no idea what to talk about and forget all the lines that I have prepared for hours before the date. So not surprisingly, I have messed up a number of them.

Then you might ask? How on earth I have got this beautiful and sexy motorcycle chick?

It all started on a sunny afternoon. I was scrolling on my phone and, however, without a specific intention since I have had so many bad experience with biker chicks that I wouldn’t want to make a fool of myself again.

But all of a sudden, I received a message from this gorgeous biker lady through the feature called “Hang Out with Bikers Nearby”. I didn’t know why she took an interest in me at all or maybe it’s simply because I was 2 miles away and she’s bored?

“Hey, wanna go on a ride? Such a nice weather!” I wrote her without any expectations since I figured I had nothing to lose. Surprisingly, she replied positively and it was not just a dry and plain yes, instead, with enthusiasm “Yes!!!! I’m dying for a ride on the Harley Davidson bike right now!”

Well, when an attractive beautiful motorcycle lady is inviting a motorcycle guy for a ride, no one can say no to it. The moment I met the Harley girl, I felt butterflies flying all around my heart. Not just because she has an attractive appearance, but also the fact that she is so friendly, laid back, down to earth and knows what she’s doing.

It was the best ride I have ever had, and the motorcycle girl, is the only girl that I would have in my life.

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