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BikerorNot is where I met my biker lover and soulmate


biker girlI have started riding on my very first Harley Davidson bike at the age of 18. And it was my dad who has given me the giant four wheeled for my 18 year old birthday. Ever since then, I have developed a sense of admiration not only for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, but also for the motorcycle chicks who also share the same common ground with me. But back then, it was extremely hard for biker man and biker women to find like minded people without joining the local club catering only to Harley man and Harley women, and as you know, as niche as the hobby is, teh chance of finding a compatible motorcycle man or motorcycle women among such a small number of biker girls and biker guy is more than slim. Luckily, my of my best friends decided to launch a online biker dating website where Harley girls and Harley guy can meet and conduct an active social life together. Not only has the decision changed the life of more than 9 million Harley girls and Harley guy, but also mine.

The first day I signed up on, the avant-garde in the industry of free motorcycle dating sites guided me through the most confusing part-create a profile. As many of the male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who have ever tried motorcycle online dating before, it is not easy at all to stand out among a large number of man biker as well as women biker. Luckily, with the expert dating expert provided by, I have optimized my profile by using interesting lines, posting decent pictures and composing eye catching phrase structures. On the second day, I still remember, I met her, the one and only biker chick in my life, who has changed my whole life.

Her name is Grace, and she acts as graceful as her name sounds like. Once we matched, I sent a question regarding her profile page (it’s also what I was told by the dating advice), then she replied with the answer as well as another question. The the conversation with the biker lady just went back and forth with tension and fire.

Also, I would like to say that the various kind of features on should take the majority credit for the success of our relationship. With the expert features such as voice call, voice message, bike related emojis, video message as well as share real location, we have made the most out of the exchange on the screen. That’s also why we have found a solid foundation before we even meet.

Unlike the better part of the so called first date you guys have, I took my motorcycle babe to a motorcycle ride on a remote valley. What would be more agreeable when you are spending time with a girl you like and the excitement while riding on a Harley motorcycle at the same time?

It’s time to sign on and make a change in your life.

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