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biker girlEverything started with a simple click on a website. However, this website is different from all others.

I was 26 and lonely. My only friend at that time was my Harley Davidson bike with whom I spend almost all time together. Don’t get my wrong, I do had friends, but I still constantly felt lonely because I needed someone special with who I can share my Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. But one thing to note is that I was living in a small village in Belgium where the average age was 45. Without any decent clubs, let alone a cool motorcycle rally, or even just number of more than 20 youngsters, it was like crazy hard for me to meet anyone that can fulfill the emptiness in me.

However, my luck finally came. A random online biker dating website popped up and I signed up as a registered member since I had nothing better to do. It was called, one of the largest free motorcycle dating sites catering only to biker man and biker women who are looking for love. Isn’t it what exactly what I have been looking for? And surprisingly, the website didn’t ask me to swipe my credit card right away, instead, I was offered three months of trial for free. As someone who has tried a few similar biker dating sites before, I knew that this kind of website is something else. not only does the website consist of more than 8,9 million motorcycle man and motorcycle women from all over the world, but also a session of unique features that are designed to optimize the chance of meeting a compatible partner for Harley man and Harley women. And it was exactly on the hangout section where you can check the like minded single Harley riders by their distance that I met my wife of now.

The moment I clicked “Hang Out” open, I noticed this girl who had a special era that can seize your attention immediately. On her profile picture, she was wearing a leather jacket and was on a giant motorcycle. I sent her a greet but I didn’t expect her to reply because a biker chick as sexy and wild as her much have a lot of pursuers and me, I’m just an ordinary guy who has nothing special. But she sent me back the message right away. And as I said, this motorcycle chick is different from other motorcycle babes. She is direct, honest and straightforward. It was her that proposed to go on a date on a motorcycle while chasing the waterfalls on the valley. And I would definitely say that it was one of the most amazing date that I have ever had with a biker babe because she just felt so right.

We have been dating for more than 8 months now, and we both decide to take the relationship to another level in one month, if you know what I mean.

All the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who want to make a change in their life, what are you still waiting for?

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