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My biker story on how to meet local bikers


biker girlThe time has changed and an increasing number of biker man and biker women start to discard the traditional way of meeting other compatible biker partners in person, which requires more time and energy. Instead, they start to turn to the more modern way of meeting others-signing up on online biker dating websites, which are famous for its high efficiency and convenience. However, when I first set foot in the land of love seeking, my eyes were dazzled by such a tremendous amount of different so called free motorcycle dating sites. Then one of my friends strongly recommended me to try out Meet Local Bikers, because that’s where the history of more than 5,6 million biker man and biker women started.

Once I become a registered member on Meet Local Bikers, I was amazed by how simple and well organized the interface is. Regardless of its simplicity, the expert dating features designed only for Harley man and Harley women are still well placed and easy to read. And of course, I got to the next essential step: getting matches. At first I had no idea how to talk to beautiful biker chicks and getting such a huge amount of matches with motorcycle ladies has gotten me completely lost at the first place. However, thanks to a group of dating counselors on Meet Local Bikers who patiently answered my questions, I have gotten through the very first stage and learned a few tricks to catch the attentions of both motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls.

My very first date on with a biker babe went on very smoothly. We met in a local cafe and started with some small talks. of course, the whole conversation is mostly motorcycle related. We have talked for two hours non stop, and when I look up and saw the sunset, I suggested to go on a motorcycle ride on the highway nearby as we have both brought our Harley Davidson bikes.

And the motorcycle ride is where my journey with this motorcycle babe got started. I can never forget about us riding on the same route while chasing the beautiful sunset with the motorcycle lady that I have strong feelings for. After the ride, we stopped at the food stand and had some cheap ass burgers. For real, what’s more pleasant for motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls when it comes to a greasy burger and a cup of cola after a ride?

If now you would ask me, what is the most important thing for Harley girls and Harley guys to meet their compatible half, I would say, make sure that you are comfortable with the motorcycle babe and motorcycle dude. And keep in mind that the most important thing is to make the most out of every minute of your life with the make Harley rider or female Harley rider that you like instead of trying hard to be someone that you are not.

Now my biker lady and I are engaged, and will have our wedding ceremony in two months. I hope all the man biker and women biker out there can find their soulmate on Meet Local Bikers too.

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