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I met this one biker girl on Plenty of Bikers


biker girlAs you can tell from the name of the online biker dating website, there is plenty of bikers, which means more than 6,3 million single Harley rider from the Unites States and Canada. And it was on Plenty of Bikers that I met that one and only one biker girl that has changed my life.

Among all the matches that I got on the free motorcycle dating site, this one girl named Tracy stood out because of her honesty. For biker man and biker women who have tried online motorcycle dating before know that almost every Harley man and Harley women tries to portrait themselves as the perfect single Harley rider: who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t play around, who doesn’t go to club or stuff like that. But Tracy is different. On her profile page she wrote down the things she has down before, including both impressive ones and what would be considered as bad for most biker girls and biker guys, including had an motorbike accident due to her recklessness, shoplifting once when she was young and even an affaire with another guy during her very first marriage. I understand that all her previous stories must had turned 80% of the male Harley riders and female Harley riders away because of her brutal honesty. But it is exactly thanks to her being straightforward that I thought I would never met any biker babe like her ever again. Thus I sent the very first message saying: “All of us have done something can be considered as bad, but few will ever admit it let along has the courage to uncover it to the public.”

And our conversation has started by then, also, our relationship start to build up. After 2 months of non stop talking, we finally decided to meet up.

I thought I already knew her well enough because of our constant small talk, but at the very first sight, I was still amazed. Unlike most motorcycle ladies who wear heavy make up when going out on a date, she was covered by nothing but her freckles, which I found pretty attractive and sexy. I still remember that the biker babe was sitting right beside the window, and the shiny marks that sun has left on her cheek was simply heartthrob. I fell in love with this women biker, I must admit.

Luckily, she felt the same way to me because the way the motorcycle babe smiled at me was something else. Normally, a date between a male motorcycle rider and a female motorcycle rider will start with a coffee and some chitchat right? Not ours. She took my hand directly and pulled me outside, what she said next made my chin dop but my heart trembling. “let’s go on a ride on my Harley Davidson bike, motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys don’t go on boring dates.”

Now, guess what, our second babe was born two months ago, and the stories between hundreds of thousands of single Harley rides are sill going on.

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